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South Creek Community Organization

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Join With Your Neighbors and Become a Member!

          Recently a diverse group of South Creek residents who love our unique neighborhood met and agreed to form a nonprofit organization that would be a vehicle for protecting our quality of life, preserving the neighborhood’s traditions, and fostering community awareness.

          The new nonprofit, the South Creek Community Organization, Inc., was established as a voluntary membership-based corporation with an elected volunteer leadership. Membership is open to all residents of the South Creek neighborhood.


          According to its Articles of Incorporation, the new organization may:

                    A.            Identify and monitor issues of concern.

                    B.             Gather and disseminate information.

                    C.             Promote the beautification of Coconut Creek

                    D.            Propose and promote legislation beneficial to the South Creek area.

                    E.             Encourage reasonable and equitable application of existing ordinances.

                    F.             Provide collective input to government.

                   G.            Work with similar groups in the City of Coconut Creek on issues of mutual concern.

          The South Creek Community Organization IS NOT an HOA [Home Owners Association]. We cannot compel membership, assess fees and fines, or enforce our actions through measures other than persuasion.
         Likewise, the new organization is bound by IRS nonprofit rules that prohibit supporting or opposing candidates for elective office.  We support or oppose issues, not individuals.
We all love living in South Creek – let’s work collectively to preserve our quality of life!

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